Therapy Your Way

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Looking for therapy that meets you where you are?

Everyone's circumstances are different, and require careful attention. I am focused to uniquely facilitate behavioral health care that is customized to suit each client. My aim is to help you achieve emotional balance, so you can thrive in every area of your life!


Everyday, life happens… Sometimes along the way, we forget how to be our best selves when things feel out of control.

There are moments that catch you completely off guard. The levels of stress you face can become so overwhelming, you are left questioning your ability to cope well with your feelings and use your judgment to make the best decision for yourself. You’re worried about how others might respond. You struggle with saying “no”. Your emotions feel “all over the place”, making it easy to shut down or go into panic. What you really want out of all of this, is to draw that line of peace between you and your challenges, so you can finally experience relief. Friends and family often mean well when trying to help. But, at times you need to talk to someone on the outside of your circumstances who can help you process your thoughts and feelings… and provide support, without making you feel judged or shamed. It sucks when everything feels out of place. You want to be able to speak your truth, experience comfort with sticking to your limits, and feel confident about making the best choices for you. You don’t have to find your happiness alone. Your path to emotional freedom starts here!

Psychotherapy with me could help you:

✔️ Identify areas where you feel stuck & work through what’s holding you back

✔️ Change the way you relate to others & discover ways you can have more meaningful relationships

✔️ Explore & heal the inner parts of you that have been difficult to confront

✔️ Learn healthy ways of coping with stressful situations

Imagine what your healthiest self feels like…


Hello, I’m Jessica Harris!

I enjoy helping individuals become the best version of themselves! With a supportive and encouraging approach, I provide accountability and empowerment. I believe behavioral health care should help you effectively be aware of, manage, and express your emotions in a healthy way, so you can live a balanced life. As you grow, my goal is to make therapy your safe space for you to reach your goals, and experience compassion without judgement!


Boundary Development

I work with professional women who experience anxiety resulting from relationship issues, and difficulties with work-life balance.

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Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

I give support to families, early care providers, and education organizations who experience challenges with children struggling with behavior and emotional regulation.

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