Boundary Development

A boundary is that invisible line or circle of protection that everyone has! It’s what informs others what your limits are. In many circumstances, when this barrier gets blurred, it causes discomforting feelings of anger, anxiety, resentment, and even chaos. Managing anxiety and establishing healthy boundaries applies to important areas of your life such as:

  • Self-care practices

  • Professional & personal relationships

  • Work and academic performance

Are you wondering how to develop boundaries and think about things differently? Well, it requires a change in your outlook, assertiveness, learning to let go of the fear of others’ reactions, and doing what is best for you. It’s putting yourself first, so you can be healthy and live a healthy life. Whether you struggle with worrying about how others will respond to you, or have difficulty with navigating how to let someone get close to you, and form a trusting relationship… Boundary development explores identifying safe patterns, and processing experiences that hinder you from forming confidence in yourself, and healthy relationships with others, whether it’s in your workplace or personal life.

I can help you:

  • Develop assertive methods to communicate how you feel

  • Understand the importance of, and finding effective ways to say “No”

  • Identify unhealthy patterns, and strategize on positive relationship building

  • Navigate workplace challenges

    Everyone enjoys being able to effectively manage emotions and find the “me time” to recharge, and fulfill your wants and needs. Then, there are times when you may feel disrupted by stressful situations that are difficult to maneuver. As a result, you try to control everything that’s happening around you, while losing control of your ability to balance yourself from within. Anxiety shows up when you focus on the future instead of the present moment. How are you expending energy?

    Learn ways to:

  • Establish practicing positive coping skills

  • Identify anxiety triggers & work towards solutions with self-regulation skills

  • Explore mindful practices that will aid in centering your inner self

  • Reshape your thought processes with a forward-minded focus

    Refresh with a growth mindset!

    It’s time for you to make yourself a priority!