Maybe You Should Try Telehealth

Telehealth. What is it? Telehealth is healthcare provided via a HIPAA compliant platform. If you’re using health insurance and have a plan that covers telehealth, your appointments will take take place online via video call with your provider. If you are a self-pay client, you can receive care from your provider via video call, telephone call, or even text message.

People who telehealth is most appropriate for are: individuals who can operate basic computer settings (volume and brightness), have basic knowledge of computer related terminology (i.e., URL, browser, cookies, software, and hardware), and are ages 12+. If you don’t fit this short set of criteria right away, it doesn’t mean you can’t receive any assistance and work your way around utilizing technology in this incredibly opportune format!

Telehealth has been around for some time, but seems to be emerging among different practices as a new form of healthcare that providers are offering. Several benefits for telehealth include: 

  • Higher level of access to care

  • Convenient appointments

  • No required travel

  • Easily incorporated into busy schedules

Many people are faced with obstacles when it comes to taking care of health needs. Transportation or differently abled limitations can be barriers. It’s also challenging to consistently take time off of work and manage vacation time, or even strategically cut out time around meetings. If you live in a metro area or big city, your provider can easily be half an hour to an hour away from your home or workplace. Wouldn’t it be great to simply take 30-45 minutes without having to figure out how you’ll eat lunch, get to your appointment, and return to work on time? Telehealth takes care of that! Using your phone, tablet, or computer, your care can be anywhere you have privacy and where your internet connection is stable.

Telehealth provides the same high quality of care as going into an office. You’re still able to have your individual time reserved just for you, and are given the space you need to work through life’s rough patches. If you prefer an office setting so you can have a break from the everyday shenanigans, that’s okay too. While telehealth is not for everyone, it is a feasible option for prioritizing your health whilst keeping up with other commitments and demands. 

Author: Jessica Harris, LCPC, LPC